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Road Traffic Claims Validation


From the rise in low speed impact claims, to staged accidents, bogus passengers, faked whiplash injuries and infiltration of the claims process by organised crime, motor fraud remains a clear and evolving problem.

At RGI Solutions, we have been at the forefront of motor fraud investigation in all its guises for over 24 years, exposing both opportunists and more sophisticated fraudsters with continued success.

Our intelligence-led research embraces the latest fraud analysis techniques to capture, analyse and then map relevant data compliantly. This process also assists in setting precise investigation strategies, from the most basic to the more complex and sophisticated fraud involving multiple links.

With highly skilled analysts and investigators, working closely with legal and forensics specialists, we bring together evidence in a professional, expert way.

Comprehensive, effective and targeted, our investigations focus on areas of concern and on delivering consistent quality and results.


Whenever organised fraud is detected, we have the skills and tools to gather all necessary evidence. We work in partnership with legal panels to defend claims against fraud and help ensure successful outcomes.


  • Industry Leading Intelligence-led Solution
  • Cost-effective Fixed Fee Approach
  • Court Compliant Statement & Evidence Protection
  • Highly Experienced and Flexible Resources
  • Effective Communication & Cooperation With All Stakeholders

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